Less Bad Bathhouse - I'm using TiddlyWiki to make an archive of every fanfiction posted to the Persona 4 kinkmeme badbadbathhouse. Someone else scraped the comm and all its comments for me; I'm going through and extracting all the fics and their prompts, and cleaning and formatting and tagging them. Since the mod was anonymous I'm not sure the kinkmeme will ever be imported to Ao3, so I wanted to back it up and store it in a more readable format than livejournal comment threads.
Progress on this is pretty slow, since it's a big kinkmeme and it's a bit time-consuming. I've done 300 or so fics out of probably several thousand.

LGBT+/Queer Book Recomendation Stats - Gathering up as many recommendation lists for LGBT+/queer books as I can find and putting them in a spreadsheet. What is the "canon"? What is generally seen as a must-read? What kind of oversights and biases are reflected in these lists?
So far I have 667 books from 31 different lists. The #1 most-recommended book is Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin!

Itch Bundle Reviews - I resolved to try out every single game in that huge bundle back when I'd only bought one. Now I've bought several and the number of games is truly outrageous. This is where I put my thoughts on the games I've played and which ones I recommend.

What is that? - I'm working on learning how to identify plants that grow around where I live, and have a site dedicated to that./p>

Yaoi/BL recommendations - Posted primarily on my cohost, but I'll archive it here as well. Just recommending yaoi/BL manga that I like. ⚠️ 18+ only. ⚠️

Book Homework - Because I didn't go to school, I have not read pretty much any of the books that are considered important cultural touchstones in the US. I compiled a list of 100 books considered "must-reads" from a couple of different "books everyone should read"/"books to read before you die" type of lists, limiting it to 1 book per author, and resolved to read all of them as a sort of adult homework.
Progress: 17/100. Currently working on: Moby Dick by Herman Melville.