hello! i'm xo / wretch / xixxii.
this is my website.

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this website is for me to play around with and have fun online, so it contains a variety of things. it isn't visually cohesive or especially advanced, because i like lots of different styles and i'm not very good at coding, but it will hopefully be fun and interesting to poke around on anyway.

accessibility notes: there are animated gifs, javascript, and garish colors used throughout the site. a lot of pages are image-heavy. this site is not designed for use on mobile and many pages will not work properly on a phone.

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★ 6/17/24: i've done some tinkering! projects page layout looks normal again, added images to adachi subpage, made a page for the 32 bit cafe codejam. probably other stuff as well, i forget lol.
★ 6/3/24: updated scrapbook page for new month (eeeek it's june already?!)!
★ 5/21/24: slapped an accessibility widget on the pages that aren't Just Images, made a "plain" style for this homepage, and finished overhaul and update for my itch bundle game reviews page!
★ 5/21/24: working on alternate page styles
★ 5/17/24: i have a section for horizontal tiling images in my foryou section! and am cooking up a bunch more. possibly to open up a wallpaper shop in marigold.town...
★ 5/15/24: uploaded a bunch of new backgrounds, fixed some of the bgs that had blank or misaligned pixels, and arranged the bgs by color!
★ 5/14/24: changed font again, pulled 123guestbook and replaced with a comment widget function, spent a while fiddling with the colors and such of the comment widget.
★ 5/3/24: more significant homepage tinkering, updated scrapbook for new month, split tile backgrounds into two pages, fixed some whitespace on a few of the bgs, added a handful of new ones! nearly 200 bgs now!
★ 5/1/24: doing some tinkering with the homepage!
★ 4/29/24: i made an aquarium !
★ 4/28/24: added stamps marquee! might move it later though. i'm planning a collectibles page.
★ 4/25/24: new graphics page! frames! added a link to a silly page i made on the melonland forum everyone site, gleepgloorp's shoppe in the desert
★ 4/19/24: changed the font back to verdana...... couldn't get used to the new font...
★ 4/16/24: "personal" section deployed! i've also edited my scrollbar colors across the site so i have cute matchy scrollbars. made this homepage better on smaller screens and slightly changed box sizes and changed the font (might change it back though). added glados fanlisting button. scanned and edited a bunch of my collages and made a collage gallery!
★ 4/14/24: after spending a while positioning divs i have two personal pages done(ish) ! scrapbook and posterboard
★ 4/4/24: i have too many things in progress but keep starting new things......... good problem to have i suppose.
★ 4/2/24: a couple of new clip city areas, a couple of new links.


★ fandom pages
★ project pages: book homework, backyard beasts
★ garden(s?)
★ terrariums/vivariums/garden
★ stickerbook page
★ collectibles page(s)
★ opinions section of book stats survey

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