hello! i'm xo / wretch / xixxii.
this is my website.

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this website is for me to play around with and have fun online, so it contains a variety of things. it isn't visually cohesive or especially advanced, because i like lots of different styles and i'm not very good at coding, but it will hopefully be fun and interesting to poke around on anyway.

accessibility notes: there are animated gifs, javascript, and garish colors used throughout the site. a lot of pages are image-heavy. this site is not designed for use on mobile and many pages will not work properly on a phone.

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★ 7/01/24: new month, new scrapbook page; i really want to get better about adding stuff to these before the month ends.... i am tinkering with zonelets and considering adding a blog! not sure yet.
★ 6/28/24: updated my links & resources pages! moved some stuff, achanged some stuff, added some stuff. added a link to my 32 bit cafe codejam entry to my projects page.
★ 6/17/24: i've done some tinkering! projects page layout looks normal again, added images to adachi subpage, made a page for the 32 bit cafe codejam. probably other stuff as well, i forget lol.
★ 6/3/24: updated scrapbook page for new month (eeeek it's june already?!)!


★ fandom pages
★ project pages: book homework, backyard beasts
★ garden(s?)
★ terrariums/vivariums/garden
★ stickerbook page
★ collectibles page(s)
★ opinions section of book stats survey

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