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useful resources



★ Chat online:
IMAlive, an online crisis network
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Online Chat

★ Texting:
Crisis Textline

A small directory of other text/IM crisis hotlines.

★ Talking on the Phone:
Trans Lifeline, a suicide/crisis hotline specifically for trans people
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


The National Domestic Violence Hotline
The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline
Love Is Respect domestic violence chat/phone/textlines
The National Sexual Assault Online Hotline


Everything Is Awful And I'm Not Okay: Questions To Ask Before Giving Up
Stress Analyst / Panic Attack Walkthrough
Do Nothing For 2 Minutes
Ten Ways To Untwist Your Thinking
Assorted mental health resources
Twitter thread of mental health resources.
Coping with distressing events in the news
Tips to look after your mental health during scary world events.


Look for an affordable therapist
Recovery International
Get free discounts on prescription medication
National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network
GoodRX can get you discounts on prescription medications.

trans stuff


Find out how to get a legal name change where you live and update your name/gender on state and federal IDs and records.
An online database of trans-positive legal resources for people living in the United States.
Comfortable relatively-affordable chest binders.
Trans crisis hotline.
Trans-friendly health help; only in a few US cities.
Money and resources for trans people.
Trans road map; various trans guides, resources, etc-- kind of old and outdated in places, but still useful.
Food and resources for Black trans people.
Black And Pink, an organization dedicated to assisting incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated members of the LGBT+ community.
Community funding for trans-led groups.


The Then and There of Transmasculine Pregnancy
Expensive but pretty custom binders
To Survive On This Shore - Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults
The Digital Transgender Archive, an archive dedicated to trans history.
The US National Trans Survey.


The Internet Archive.
Another internet archive.
Wormhole, which lets you securely send files directly to another person.
A collection of thousands of 88x31 buttons.
The Archive Stumbler, for randomly exploring the internet archive.
★ is a torrent searching site. I sure hope there's nothing illegal on there!
Marginalia Search, a search engine that focuses on non-commercial content.
"Is The Post Reliable?", a tumblr blog dedicated to fact-checking Tumblr posts.
Quote Investigator, a blog that investigates the actual origins and context of famous quotes.
VHSearch, a neocities search engine (powered by Google).
Nearly Free Speech, a provider of reasonably cheap web hosting.
Everest Pipkin's image scrubbing utility, for removing identifying metadata from image files.
Surveillance Self-Defense, a website where you can learn about digital privacy.
A listicle of nine places to volunteer online.
Rarebit, a template for hosting webcomics on Neocities.
A tutorial on how to create a saved Ao3 search filter.
JS Fiddle, a site for experimenting with code.
How to put a GIF animation toggle button on your website.
How to put a theme switcher button on your website.
Sadgrl's snippet for how to make draggable elements on your website.
Sadgrl's image gallery snippet., a non-neocities free website platform.
Nekoweb, another non-neocities free website platform., a tiny social media site.
Bearblog, a blog hosting site.
Notepin, a blogging service.
List of webrings.

reading & learning

The University of Chicago Press's monthly free ebook.
Open Book Publishers, which publishes research and academic writing for free.
LGBTQ Reads, a blog/database with lists of books that have LGBT+ characters in them.
★ Anna's Archive is a website that has almost every book for free download. I hope there's nothing illegal on there!
How to register for a free non-student JSTOR account to get access to academic research.
Ref Seek, a search engine for finding academic work.
The Anarchist Library, a digital library of anarchist writing.
Pew Research. They do research.
LGBTQ Archives, an archive dedicated to LGBTQ+ history. Check out their list of other archives and resources!
GLAAD's research on the LGBTQ+ community, including their yearly "where we are on TV" report.
Project Gutenberg, which has public domain ebooks.
Standard ebooks, a project that formats public domain ebooks so that they look good and work properly.
Storygraph, a goodreads alternative.

plants & pollinators

Guide to sowing plants in winter, with pictures.
A searchable wildflower database.
How to help fireflies.
Lists of native plants for pollinators, sorted by region. US-specific, but has links to resources for some other countries.
A searchable plant database, great for plant identification.
A tumblr post about ways to help biodiversity besides planting plants.
A database of caterpillar host plants.
Information on gardening with native plants.
Free Heirloom Seeds. What it says on the tin.
Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, a source for buying seeds from Indigenous seedkeepers.
Truelove Seeds, another source for buying seeds from Indigenous seedkeepers.

arts & crafts

Electric Zine Maker on itch., a collaborative art tool.
Ditherify images.
Turn images into vectors.
Information on how to glue things to other things.
Narrat, a tool for writing narrative games.
Free sewing patterns and information.
Free vintage sewing patterns.
Don't Go To Art School; a list of resources for learning how to do art.
Free Music Archive.
Loyalty Freak Music; free public domain music.
Internet Archive Book Images, a flickr account of public domain images from books uploaded by the Internet Archive.
The British Library's flickr, also full of public domain images from books.
The Smithsonian's open access art collection.
The Met's open access art collection.
Austrian National Library, which has a lot of public domain resources and art.
A list of open image collections.
Rawpixel's collection of public domain images.
French National Library, which has a lot of public domain resources and art.
The Cleveland Museum of Art's open access collection.
The New York Public Library's open access collections.
Open Game Art, a site for free to use game assets.
Unsplash, a site for free stock photos.
Bookbinding 101.
The Toymaker, a site with foldable paper toys you can print out and make.


5etools. Tools for playing D&D fifth edition.
A searchable & sortable database of games from several massive charity bundles.
A tool for auto-claiming games from massive charity bundles.
Natural Resources Job Board. US-only.
Coolworks, a job board for outdoorsy jobs in interesting places. US-only.