he's modeled unicorn in wax

did you know that creativefabrica.com has a massive wealth of FREE RESOURCES made by REAL HUMAN GRAPHIC DESIGNERS that you can download for use with your home vinyl cutters, to make all kinds of GREAT HUMAN CRAFTS?

while many of the images provided by the REAL HUMAN GRAPHIC DESIGNERS are lacking a bit of oomph, there are some wonderful treasures hidden in that big big pile of garbage, if you have the patience to go looking. . .
fortunately for you, i've gone digging around for you, and am happy to present this gallery of EXCELLENT SHIRT DESIGNS for your browsing pleasure. every one of these is free to use for personal AND commercial purposes. how generous!!

these images have been resized and given non-transparent backgrounds by me, for ease of displaying here. i will add some method of obtaining the enormous transparent versions or contacting me to acquire them at some point.