what's going on lately? what am I up to? every month will get a fresh page. unless I forget...



ANIME: Lupin III: Part 3, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079, High Card

MOVIES: Horror High

TV: Pretty Little Liars: Summer School

GAMES: Grundo's Cafe, After The Janaznah

BOOKS: Moby Dick

MANGA: After Hours, Tomie, Sensor, various collected works of Junji Ito, Inuyasha, BL Metamorphasis, Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii. following ongoing: Akane-banashi, Chainsaw Man, Gokurakugai, Seraph of the End, Show-ha Shoten, Shojo Null, Beat & Motion, Dear Anemone, Kill Blue, and How Do We Relationship?.
i have been working on pulling up all the grass out front by hand. it's a pretty inefficient way to pull up grass but i like that it lets me spare the violets and ladys thumb and clover and et cetera. it's taking forever but it's very relaxing to go outside and dig a hole. plus the big tree puts most of the area in shade so i don't totally boil even when it's pretty hot.
every month i'm surprised about the passage of time
on a vintage advertisements kick. they're so odd
pondering whether i want to do a themed page or something for pride
sometimes it genuinely hurts my feelings that my roommate's cat hates me. nothing i do is good enough...
chipping away at my page for the 32bitcafe june jam! hopefully i'll actually finish it and not lose interest partway through!
the other day miss calico meowed at me AND sniffed my hand so i'm really moving up in the world lately
sometimes i think about tabling at craft fairs bc doing things for other people is more motivating for me than doing it for myself, but i don't want to sell things. money is yucky (<- this is why i have no money)
300 badbadbathhouse fics archived..... only several thousand more to go! i have GOT to figure out a faster way to do this.
making progress on jam page!!
i think i might be kind of a mysterious guy.....
my dentist appointment today was more than two hours long. and they didn't even give me a lollipop or anything. pretty fucked up
this week i have been in a bad mood most of the time.
the other day miss calico let me pat her. at least there's that.
this is a small box to throw thoughts in instead of putting them on twitter or whatever. microblogging in pile format...